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Medals are another popular award that has a history stemming from the military. But, unlike challenge coins, medals are far more popular as a prize or decoration in times of achievement. The military has treated medals as an award for service and value since the time of Alexander the Great. Today, military medals are unique in design—often crafted in gold, silver, bronze, and copper—and highly prized for the honor they bestow upon the wearer. In spite of the military, medals are given for high achievements in a diversity of areas, including business, sports, entertainment, hobbies, science, technology, and humanitarianism efforts.

Jian Pins specializes in custom medals of all types, including custom race medals for events and races, award medals and medallions for military, school medals and club medals. We’ve been making personalized medals here in our factory for 35 years!  We feature good quality custom medals available for your special occasion, award or recognition ceremony. We also offer custom school medallions that are normally one-sided and can include a custom ribbon. Our custom medals can be cast or die struck depending on your price point and are finished in the same way our custom medals are plated.

Our custom medals have been shipped around the world for world class races of big and small participant numbers. If you’re looking for a quality, value, award or recognition product for your marathon, promotion, ceremony, club membership, fundraiser, wedding, or just for fun collectable – our custom medals are an incredible choice. Get a free quotation for your medal design from Jian now via send your email to sales@jianpins.com.