Application and production process of silicone products

Application and production process of silicone products
Industry Application
Because silicone products have more excellent characteristics and comfortable feel, the products are deeply loved by consumers, so silicone gifts are widely used in industries, such as automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, furniture equipment, toys, machinery, medical equipment, sports equipment, audio, Silicone gifts can be seen in lighting, automotive, chemical, and other industries.

Production processes
Silicone products are based on product production needs, and 90% of silicone gifts are molded. According to customer needs, you can choose three-dimensional surface glue, intaglio color filling, embossing color filling, concave engraving and embossing, surface spraying, back printing, digital printing, water transfer, thermal transfer, electroplating + laser cutting, sputtering Process, TPU + bottom silica gel, PC film + bottom silica gel, steel sheet, IMD + plastic, IMD + silica gel, Co-moulding, UV transfer and other production processes can be produced.