Ball marker - Very useful item on the golf course

Golf ball markers are small items used when a golf ball needs to be lifted during a game. When the golf ball needs to be removed, they are placed behind the golf ball to make way for another shot. When the ball is replaced, it is set on the green in front of the golf ball marker. Some markers even include a line or arrow to aid placement. After the ball is placed, the golf ball marker is raised so as not to get in the way of the ball.
These little items are very useful on the golf course, making it very easy to remember where the ball is and will reduce the likelihood of interfering with other players' putts.
While many golfers use coins as golf markers, it can be very confusing if you play as a group and other players use the same method. This is where our custom golf markers come in handy.
Just like golf tee boxes and custom golf balls, it's always convenient to have a handful of golf ball markers that can be personalized to make an extra special gift.
When you use custom golf markers, you will always know which marker on the golf course is yours. Plus, if you use our online design wizard to customize and include any photos or text, it won't confuse where your golf ball is on the course.
Poker chips have become very popular as golf markers over the past five years as a great golf tool to aid your game while promoting your business or brand.
The Customization Wizard gives you the opportunity to create your own custom golf tag and promote your brand or give it as a gift to a close friend or family member. Using our easy-to-use online design tool, you can include your logo, text or slogan and craft a short message for a truly unique experience.