Custom medals | How to Make a High Quality Medallion Medal

Custom medals
To achieve high quality, a high-quality medal must be manufactured in the following aspects:
First, the design plan
Second, the engraving of steel molds
Third, the selection of materials
Fourth, the punching shape of the forging press
Fifth, grinding and polishing
Sixth, electroplating fineness
Seventh, painted paint or imitation enamel
Eighth, quality inspection and packaging
Each of the above steps can be strictly implemented according to the requirements, and a high-quality medal medal production will be formed naturally.
If a certain technological process is not done seriously enough in the production process, the quality of the entire medal will be defective or even scrapped in the end.
Therefore, in the production process, the proficiency of employees in each link and the rigor of management are very important.

First, the design plan needs to pay attention to the fact that usually a medal is made by the customer first telling the designer the pictures and ideas. At this time, the designer needs to hold a meeting with the engraver and the forging master to discuss how the medal should be made. It is better to do it, such as the arrangement and combination of patterns and characters, and how to design the three-dimensional layering of patterns. It is necessary to take into account the aesthetics and the technical problems in the production process. Do a full study. It takes about 20 to 40 minutes before design. , which can make the whole design more perfect, and reduce many unnecessary errors and material loss in the production process.

Second, the production of steel molds. Since there is a seminar before the design plan, the production of steel molds is relatively easy. The main attention is to engrave the layering of patterns, the clarity of characters, and the arrangement of different characters. Depth, the main depth is required before engraving. If the depth is well controlled, the later polishing will not blur the text. Therefore, the metal edge of the engraved metal outer frame needs to be 2-5 lines higher than the metal text inside. These details Set up the mold before engraving, and later polishing is easy and lossless.
Of course, the heat treatment process of the mold is also very important, which is related to the hardness and toughness of the mold. These factors are directly related to the use time of the mold and the texture of the forged medals.

Third, the selection of materials. Medals and medals generally use pure red copper and red copper plates, and the copper plates must not have flaws and pits. The surface should be smooth and smooth, and the softness should be moderate. In this way, the texture of the forged medals and medals is very delicate and beautiful.

Fourth, forging forming and punching shape, what needs to be paid attention to in these two links is to prepare the prepared mold and copper plate material. First, stamp two out to check whether the pattern and text of the medal are correct, and then check whether the whole texture is correct. To meet the quality requirements, for example, whether the size, thickness, and three-dimensional effect of medals and medals can be made, and it can be produced in large quantities after confirming that there is no problem.
In the process of forging and punching, it must be handled with care, and do not collide with the surface, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

Fifth, what needs to be paid attention to in grinding and polishing is that the pattern and text should be careful to ensure clarity. At the same time, the brightly polished areas must be polished well. Coarse, medium and fine polishing wheels should be used for different stages of polishing, and strive to achieve the light polished by the entire medal. Brightness must be sufficient.

Sixth, the electroplating link is the most important. The time of this link is the fastest. If you control it well, a shiny golden medal will appear in front of you. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the prevention of line marks of the polished medals for wire binding and hanging plating, as well as the current intensity. These details are well controlled. The pre-plating process is the key to determining the quality assurance of electroplating. At the same time, the chemical composition in the plating tank of the electroplating process needs to be To meet the standard requirements, etc., these are done according to the requirements, and the operation is done according to the operating procedures, so that the electroplating is a high-quality medal!

Seventh, painting and baking paint or imitation enamel, this is the last production step. Before painting, the medals and medals produced by electroplating must be checked for quality before painting. This is a very important part. During the painting process, it is necessary to ensure that the paint surface is smooth and flat, and the color is in accordance with customer requirements. When the painting is high, you can put it in the oven to dry, and the paint is dry. Check the hardness to complete the process of painting and baking.

Eighth, the quality inspection is the last step in the hands of the customer. The quality of the quality is related to the reputation of the company. Therefore, the quality inspector is a very important position. He is responsible for the quality of the company's products. You need to meet the training and assessment standards before you can work on the job.