Custom metal pins manuafcturer---Dongguan Jian

Soft Enamel Pins are what we call a standard enamel pin. They have gained in popularity because of their exceptional appearance and affordability. Comparing to our premium cloisonne lapel pins, soft enamel pins have a high collectible value and the look of fine jewelry. Considering these features, soft enamel pins are the best choice for sports pins including Marathon Game pins. The pins are dyed struck and then polished. Colors are then placed (one at a time) into the recessed areas using enamel paint. If you choose, a clear epoxy coating can then be added to your soft enamel pins at no additional charge in order to give a higher degree of protection. The metal outlines remain raised so you can feel the texture across your design. A stamped logo or small design on the back of your pin is an optional feature we offer.

Hard Enamel Pins are the best quality pins available in today's market. They have great durability and a premium choice for corporations or small business's alike. Hard Enamel Pins are die struck then filled with enamel color to complete the design. Our process is based on hard-fired enamel, an ancient Chinese technique that was developed over 6,000 years ago. Each custom design is first stamped onto a base of brass. Then the recessed areas are filled in with enamel and fired at a very high temperature. This produces a jewelry quality lapel pin with a high level of detail and fantastic colors. Each lapel pin is highly polished to a brilliant luster and smoothness. After a final inspection for quality, your pins are packaged and shipped directly to you. Hard Enamel pins have a premium finish but are also slightly more expensive than the standard Soft Enamel Pin.

From custom metal key chains, metal dog tags, and branded metal necklaces, to metal patches and metal lace keepers, Jian Plastic &Metal Product Manufacturer Co. Ltd offers a variety of metal items. All of our metal pins are available with the following options:

   Zinc Alloy - one of the strongest materials available on the market, zinc alloy is a great option for metal items, including pins, with fine details

   Unique Design Features - including recessed artwork and colored hard enamels, we have a variety of options to make your products highlighted and attractive.

   Premium Metal Finishes - from shiny gold to dyed black to antique bronze, we offer every type of metal available for your products.