Custom Patches for Clothes

Patch also known as clothes badge is usually a piece of fabric carrying logo / art layout for decorating bags, backpacks, hats and jacket, shirts, jeans, blouses, pants, skirts, etc clothes. Patches are perfect way to make old garments new. Spicing up your clothes with custom patches is a great way to show your personality and make you outstand from crowds. 
Custom patches are ideal to showcase your designs and raise your brand awareness to promote yourself or business. Popular patches we produce include: embroidered patches, woven patches, printing patches, emboss tech patches, soft PVC patches even metal badges.
Embroidered patch roots thousands of years ago to ancient cultures of the Mediterranean, Mideast, China, India and South America, where the art of decorating fabric with thread stitching originated. Elaborate hand-stitched designs and patterns were used to embellish the robes of royalty. Today, with developing of the technology, we can use machines for bulk production, and so embroidered patches become affordable and widely applied.
Woven patch unlike embroidered patch with additional stitching overlayer is with logo/design using colored warp & weft yarns knitted together by machine to form the patch. It could show more finer details and more cost effective for large quantity order. Many size labels and care labels are woven.  
Printing patch, just as its name indicated, it is a piece of fabric, with logo/design printed on it. Printing could present logo/design as same as original design, it includes silkscreen printing for simple logo and dye sublimation printing for logo with full color.  
Emboss tech patch, logo/design is PVC/ Silicone or TPU material to be welding on fabric by high frequency machine. Logo could have plastic and metal appearance, it has a more clean finish and easier than apply full plastic or metal badge. 
Soft PVC patch, entire patch is done by soft PVC material, which is more durable and not easy to be scratched.  
Metal badge is also popular to be used for decorating hats, bags and clothes. 
All these types of patches/badges can be sewn on, except soft PVC patch & metal badge, other patches can be backing with heat seal tape that could be easily iron on to fabric where you want to place with an iron.
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