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Fashion pins brooches
A brooch, also known as a corsage, is a piece of jewelry that is attached to clothing using a hook and can also be considered a decorative pin. Usually metal texture, inlaid with gemstones, enamel and so on. Can be used purely for decoration or as a fixed garment (eg robes, capes, scarves, etc.).

Today, I will introduce several brooches of Queen Victoria of England.
There has been a breath of fresh air in Britain since Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837, a style of romantic lyricism that reflects the romantic moments of a young queen freed from love to marriage. A lyrical expression of nature was very popular in early Victorian jewelry design, and designs such as flowers, stems and leaves, grapes, berries, etc., showed the romantic feelings of the time. Because the grapes are bright in color and small in shape, they give people a sense of abundance. The bunches of grapes symbolize many sons and more blessings, and people are prosperous, so they are particularly loved by jewelry craftsmen. The old lady's grape bunch brooch originally belonged to the Queen's mother, Queen Elizabeth, who was inherited by the Queen after her death. Seeing that she has worn it many times with blue and white clothes, it can be seen that she is very fond of grape-shaped jewelry. Favorites have endured since Victorian times.