How does challenge coin come from?

Challenge coins symbolize for hard-working and a well-done job. They’re physical proof of achievements during a soldier’s life. There always is a story behind it. What they had done and had suffered to earn it. Once a soldier gives out an impressive service or performance of duty, the commander will reward him on the spot.

The event of handling a challenge coin is brief and delicate like an ordinary handshake which regularly goes neglected by others. It’s their way to build a personal bond, memorize the honor and build a sense of loyalty in the company. At deployments, each soldier will be offered one challenge coin by the commander of a corporation. It’s like building a bond among all those that served together in a very brotherhood. Nobody outside of this company gets this special coin.

Military has a tradition of carrying their unit’s challenge coin at all times specially for those that are given a coin formally by their unit. Different departments have each own rules for it.

The word challenge comes from the act of challenging known as “Coin Check”. This can be typically loudly declared in a very casual gathering wherever the challenger accidentally drops a challenge coin to challenge everyone to produce their unit’s coin. Anyone who fails to do so should buy drinks for all the challenger and anyone else who participated in the challenge coin. However if everyone is carrying their coin, the challenger must buy a round of drinks for the group.