How much do you know about SOFT ENAMEL PIN?

Soft enamel lapel pins are die struck from sheet metal, creating recessed areas that are then filled with vivid soft enamel color. The price for Soft enamel pin is usually cheaper than hard enamel and imitation hard enamel pins. Soft enamel gives a pin an embossed look as the recessed areas are partly filled using a syringe. The pins are then baked at 360 degrees until the enamel is cured. The entire die struck soft enamel pins will be polished before coloring, thus the metal parts revealed will be shiny. The raised metal areas of a design are plated in gold, silver or copper. Soft enamel pins can have a thin layer of epoxy added for a smooth surface feel. Adding epoxy adds a layer of protection to your lapel pin design and makes them smooth to the touch, similar to our hard enamel pin style. Epoxy covering is optional.

Custom enamel pins are made using soft or hard enamel. If you like the look of 3D pins with color, we suggest soft enamel. It is an ideal material for 3D cubic designs or designs requiring fine details. 3D designs can still have an embossed feel. Gemstones can be added to any custom shape pin design. We can add as many gemstones to a lapel pin as there are no limits to a number of stones we can add to your design; we can even mix and match gemstone colors. We also have a variety of backing options.

Founded since 1984 with SMETA/SEDEX, ISO9001/14001 Certified, Dongguan Jian Metal Plastic manufacture now is consisted of 12 branches in the mainland and overseas, with factories of 6, 4000 square meters which owns 2500 workers and a production capacity for 20 millions pcs metal crafts each month. The headquarter for Jian is located inTaiwan,China. Our Products are used in various anniversaries, promotions,Tours, Sports, Police&Military, Government, Competition and Games, which are spread in 140 countries. Our main market is inJapan,Europeand Americans. Jian has also been verified By many world class companies like MacDonald, Coke-Cola, NBC andDisneyland with supplying good quality customized badges, medals and lapel pins.