How to keep your Police Badge well

Police Badges have always been an integrated manifestation for identification, job and honor. As a professional police badge manufacturer, Dongguan Jian metal&plastic product manufacturing co. ltd would like to share the suitable methods of maintain the police badge with you. 

When an important meeting will be held in the government's security department, a large hanging police badge will be used. After the meeting, the police badge ought to be carefully taken down, and well cleaned up the dirt with dry cloth then place it in the room.

For the regular hanging police badge, wherever indoors or outdoors, we should always be aware of the cleanliness of the surrounding environment. in order to avoid the dirt on the badge, you've got to wipe it daily and keep the surface of the police badge clean. By the way, we also want to offer the subsequent useful tips for the daily wear badges: 

1. Avoid sweat; 

2. Get away from acid corrosive liquid; 

3. For hard enamel material, try to avoid sharp and collision.