How to make medals with premium quality

Medals are often customized in brass, copper, bronze, iron, zinc alloy, silver and gold with various processing. Nowadays, medals becomes more and more collectible especially made in metal, such as hard enamel medal, soft enamel medal and baked painting medals for high end use and some cheap medals in iron. People often use medal as an award in sports, company or events.

The premium quality for medals is made in copper, brass and bronze, in consideration of good metallic nature. The copper is widely used for hard enamel medal while the brass and bronze are for soft enamel and baked painting medals. We often make it with the thickness of 1.2 mm,1.5 mm and 1.8 mm in the elegant appearance.

The general process for custom medal from Jian includes: Design---Molding---Cutting---Oil Clean--- (Stamping) ---Polishing--- (Etching) ---Polishing---Coloring---Baking. As a 35 years manufacturer, Dongguan Jian can make the best with strictly quality control system and skilled craters with more than 10 years experience which are very important for metal crafts production that can not be machined directly. Premium quality for high end is always our goal to meet. If you are interested and want to find a professional supplier to help you, Jian can not be a second choice in China. We do not compete with anyone, just do a better me. Think of medal, think of Jian.