Offset Printed Pin Get Your Brand Promoted

Do you want to create a logo or design without metal lines around the colors custom shaped printed pins? Do you want to create a lapel pin with a photo features a logoexact PMS colorDon’t worry, Jian will make your design come true. Not like soft or hard enamel pin, printed lapel pins do not require liquid enamel color fill, which is suit for allowing a logo or design to be recreated without the need for fine metal lines around the colors. This makes it the most versatile lapel pin on the market.

Custom printed lapel pins come in three styles. Screen printed pins, CMYK Offset printed pins and photo dome pins. We can print your design all the way to the edge of a pin, or a metal edge can be added that borders your design. We coat each pin with a thin epoxy coating to ensure its durability and provide a beautiful finish. So you do no need worry that the color be lost or

CMYK Offset printed pins: Also called four-color process or offset printed pins, and are produced by printing your custom design digitally onto an adhesive label. Then each label is individually placed on the metal backing, leaving a border when required, and then a clear epoxy dome is added to protect the label from scratching and fading. A CMYK printed image can be added on top of any of our enameled styles as a photo insert, at extra cost. An epoxy coating is added to protect it.

Screen printed pins: Solid areas of PMS colors are laid down over a metal surface where needed. Sometimes metal areas are left exposed as part of the design. Epoxy coating is added for protection.

Photo dome pins: Photo dome pins are created by taking an actual photo and printing it onto a label via our CMYK process. They are finished by adding a clear, flexible label, making them a bit thicker than our standard printed pins.

If you want to recognize fundraisers, volunteers and employees or show company pride and years of service, printed lapel pin should be a best choice. If you want to celebrate graduations, anniversaries and company milestones or create a piece of pin as promotional advertising at exhibitions or conferences, the offset printed metal lapel pin will meet your any requirement.