Seven things you have to know before custom medals

1.      Design for medals. If you want to have your own custom medals, you definitely need an elegant design with      your creative minds.

2.      Material Selection for medals. You have to choose the best material according to the usage of medals. If it will be award as souvenirs in Marathon Meeting, copper may be a good choice.

3.      Contents for medals. The contents you need on the medals should be well arranged. You’d better make it concise to have a good appearance. Besides, the contents should be correct and accurate. You have to check carefully before the design approved.

4.      The font of contents on the medals. An appropriate font type selection could make your medal even better. You have to choose according to medal design, content and color.

5.      The processing for medal production. Do you want a high quality or cheap medals? The medal production depends on the material you choose. Die casting with zinc alloy and die stamping with brass, copper or bronze.

6.      Price for custom medals. Cheap price for medals with low quality and cheap material. If you want high quality medals, calculate the cost by your own first to estimate whether the price you get is high or not.

7.      Package for medals. All medals need package. A common package or an elegant one for your choice depends on your medals. The best package is the one matches medals whatever from the appearance or quality.