Something About Die Struck lapel Pins

Custom die struck lapel pins have a jewelry-like look. This style of pin can be made in any shape or size. The process to create Die Struck Lapel Pins begins with a custom die made from your design. We double strike each design into a solid piece of metal. High-levels of relief can be added to your design. Then a sheet of copper, brass, or iron is stamped using the die, which creates a deep impression of your design in the metal. Cut-to-shape molds are made separately and used to stamp out the pin design impressions in the outline of the finished design. We stamp our pins into bronze, brass, copper or iron metal. Striking a logo into metal creates a recessed area where the enamel is added. In some cases, recessed areas are sandblasted to create a two-tone metal finish. Each design is plated and color filled or recessed areas can be sandblasted. We hand polish our lapel pins leaving raised area shiny. Recessed areas can either be antiqued or can be shiny.

Traditionally, the raised metal surfaces are then highly polished to a luster finish, while the recessed areas are sandblasted to create a contrast. Some of the most popular plating is our antique plating. The antiquing can be done subtly, for a matte finish, or more heavily, for a more rustic patina. Choosing to antique your pins is an inexpensive way to increase perceived value and to make the design details, especially the minute ones, really stand out. Where a high polished pin’s brilliant surface may cause glare and illegibility issues outside or in a bright room, an antiqued pin will keep even fine text and imagery highly legible. An even more unique option is the incorporation of dual plating to your design. Combinations of plating can be used to make the most salient design details stand out, while still painting the classic all-metal appeal of a Die Struck pin.

The difference between shiny finishes and antique finishes is the plating that is used. The most common plating is high polished gold, nickel (silver), black nickel, and copper. Antique plating can be made with lighter or darker finish. The best feature of this pin style is it can be made with a 3D die. Three-dimensional dies can enhance a design by creating a sculpted look. Options include engraving, gemstones, and upgraded attachment like deluxe clutches. We also offer real gold plating for anyone looking to have a jewelry-like finish. Die struck lapel pins are elegant and can be made in any size or shape. Our 2D designs can include varied levels of metal and textures.

Founded since 1984 with SMETA/SEDEX, ISO9001/14001 Certified, Dongguan Jian Metal Plastic manufacture now is consisted of 12 branches in the mainland and overseas, with factories of 6, 4000 square meters which owns 2500 workers and a production capacity for 20 millions pcs metal crafts each month. The headquarter for Jian is located in Taiwan,China. Our Products are used in various anniversaries, promotions,Tours, Sports, Police&Military, Government, Competition and Games, which are spread in 140 countries. Our main market is in Japan,Europeans Americans. Jian has also been verified By many world class companies like MacDonald, Coke-Cola, NBC and Disneyland with supplying good quality customized badges, medals and lapel pins.