Suit Lapel Pin, Fashion Accessories

Badges aren't just for royals to have quaint lapel pins as part of their wardrobe accessories. Men also use suit lapel pins as fashion accessories.
Lapel pins are small pins worn on clothing, usually on the lapels of suits and jackets. Originally, wearing these pins represented affiliation with a club or association. But now, they have become mainstream.
Lapel pins vary in fastening, size, shape, and what they depict.

Flower lapel pins and corsages
If you've been to a ball, you must have worn a corsage. This pin is perfect for ceremonial occasions like weddings, parties, and of course prom!
The best place for a corsage is the buttonhole. While you want to make a statement, it shouldn't be too big and overwhelming. Flower pins, on the other hand, are like corsages, but they are made of linen, cotton, or silk.

Jewelry Lapel Pin
Now, jewelry lapel pins are popping up more and more on red carpets these days. These pins come in all crazy shapes like feathers, leaves, flowers, antiques, animals, and more. Oh my gosh, they look so dashing in a suit or tuxedo.

Brooch lapel pin
Unlike jewelry or lapel pins, badges are held securely by hinged pins. They are usually larger than pins and have a retro element. See the brooch lapel pins in the form of beads, crystals, bling, and cute little bow ties? They are stunning and stand out.

How to Wear a Lapel Pin Correctly
Lapel pins in men's suits come in different art forms. The real challenge is wearing them correctly. So how do you do it?
Wear a suit lapel pin around the lapel buttonhole. That's the top part of your left lapel. For double-breasted suits with buttonholes on each lapel, the pins must always be in the left area.
If the metal pin is visible, it should be parallel to the lapel, not sideways or vertically up. This is especially important with more slender stems, as awkward angles can ruin the effect.
You can also experiment with layering, sides and placement for the perfect look. After all, lapel pins are versatile accessories, and you know what makes you love.

Other factors to consider include:
Occasion Type
Is my IT formal or informal event? The occasion usually dictates the type of lapel pins on your suit. A bold floral collar pin might be suitable for a social gathering, but not necessarily a business meeting, you get the point?
color coordination
Your suit already has a color code, or rather a color theme. So your lapel pins should match or at least complement your general color theme.
The size of the badge often depends on what kind of fabric you have. Large pins can drag down your lapels awkwardly. Instead, a small pin might look like a button. The right size gives the right glamour.
Accessories Coordination
If you pair a silver suit lapel pin with gold hand and neck accessories, you might give off an awkward vibe. While jewelry experts can undisputedly blend different accessories stylishly together, it's best to wear silver over silver.
Lapel pins, especially custom ones, are great for casual looks and look great on jackets, whether worn in bunches or groups. Styled like this, they're a great way to add style to wardrobe essentials.