The difference between imitation enamel badges and paint badges

Imitation enamel badge

Imitation enamel badges, sometimes called epola pins, imitation cloisonne pins, or hard enamel pins, are a type of lapel pin craft. Hard enamel pins are the best quality enamel badges for a durable look.
A custom faux enamel badge that perfectly showcases any logo or design and increases customer love for your brand.
  • Imitation enamel is also called cloisonne;
  • These jewel-quality badges are durable and highly refined, yet affordable;
  • Hard enamel pins have high cognitive value.

Paint badge

Paint badges (also known as "embossed enamel pins") are low cost, high quality molded pins with raised metal and recessed paint, hand-filled with color.
Custom painted badges are a popular choice for a variety of occasions, from corporate identity and destination souvenirs to employee recognition and team trading pins.
  • One of our most popular styles, painted badges look great and are very economical;
  • Similar to imitation enamel, each color is separated by a metal wire;
  • The paint color is recessed to give your pins a tactile feel.

Why use imitation enamel badges?

  1. They are flat and smooth.
  2. They like simple designs that work well.
  3. They look more expensive.
  4. They use shiny plating.

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Why Choose Painted Badges?

  1. They have raised metal edges.
  2. They like more complicated designs.
  3. They look cheaper.
  4. They can use any plating or dyeing process.

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