Tie bar | Don't think the tie clip is very rustic. You can also be a gentleman with a collar clip

Tie bar

The tie clip should be worn on the fourth button of the shirt, or no higher than the third or lower than the fifth. Choose a tie clip that is no more than 3 / 4 the width of your tie. The tie clip that is too long looks old-fashioned, and the tie clip that is too short is incongruous. Choose a tie clip that fits your tie. Tie clips are usually made of metal and may be primary or classic gold or silver. Now the tie clip is more modern, and there are pattern patterns, Rhinestone decoration, logo or other eye-catching appearance designs to show the user's personality. Choose the tie clip you want to wear according to what kind of tie you wear and the occasion.
Clip the tie clip down slightly (about 45 degrees) on the tie. In this way, the tie will have some natural radian. Fix the tie clip on the shirt to make sure it is tight.
Note that the tie clip is used when wearing a suit. It is not necessary to wear a shirt alone, and it is generally not necessary to wear a jacket.