We are Disney Audit Factory

To be Disney audit factory, it needs to pass the relative audit required by Disney. The audit is mainly focusing on the social responsibility of the integrated management system, to make sure the factory meets the relative local laws and regulations on all aspects such as personnel qualifications, salary welfare, the human rights of the employees, the working environment, working time etc. Except checking the records, factories are also required the staff random interview which is different from the standard certification system.

In fact, it’s not going so well for us to get approved by Disney. But success always comes from failure. We cherish all the suggestions and requirements offered by the relative audit person, and improve step by step. With the effort and cooperation of all the staffs in different departments, Dongguan Jian gets approved successfully by Disney. We get the green label which means our factory could meet the international standard on human right respecting, health and safety environment controlling etc. We are proud to be certified as to be ahead of most of the Chinese manufacturers. For Jian, it is not just a certification but a good chance to improve and comprehend our management system and production system to be qualified service provider for famous brands in the world.

With the audited certification, Dongguan Jian can do more support on the relative Disney projects for customers. If you are looking for such a qualified supplier, Jian can be a best choice for you.