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Soft PVC is a technology that allows you to make a variety of items made of soft PVC that can be used as gadgets or decoration. In the production process very demanding designs can be realized. Soft PVC offers different color option, even transparent and vivid colors are possible, also soft PVC products are cost effective. 

JIAN offer many kinds of soft PVC products, such as Bottle Openers, Cable Winder, Card Holders, PVC Clips, Coasters, Keychains, Keycovers, PVC Labels, Lapel Pin, Luggage Tags, PVC Magnets, PVC Medals, Memory Card Reader, Mobile Phone Holders, PVC Pens, Photo Frames, USB Flash Frames, Wristbands/Bracelets, and more. 2D or 3D designs are optional, and customized designs are welcomed.

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